Friday, September 4, 2015

DRC Returns with a Vengence!

Have you ever wondered what happens when DRC "goes dark" for a meeting? 

Well, we now have the answer - the September 2nd meeting was jam-packed!  That's right, loyal readers, after a brief hiatus, DRC returned on September 2, 2015 with a whopping 15 items (though one was withdrawn).  And now, we will take you through each one of those items in minute detail.  Get comfortable, this could take a while.  Kidding!  That would be insane, right?  How about we give you a quick snapshot of the meeting?

On Wednesday, the DRC reviewed and approved (or recommended approval):

A Fence on Madeline
An Addition on Primrose
Some Beer and Wine on Myrtle (samples not included)
A College on Royal Oaks
A Wine Retailer/Restaurant on Colorado
Four Units on Mayflower
Some Gymnasts on Enterprise (well, not the actual gymnasts)
A Day Care on Alta Vista
A New Home on Walnut
A New Mausoleum at the Cemetery
A House on Norumbega (with lovely wood siding!)
A Sign on Myrtle
A Sign on Foothill
A New Façade on Colorado

And on top of getting all of that squared away, we think we may have just invented a new form of poetry!  That's the DRC for you - they are quite the multitaskers.

For more details on the meeting, the agenda can be found here.

Oh, for our new reader...Development Review Committee...D-R-C.