Thursday, August 20, 2015

Art in Monrovia

Tile at the Monrovia Gold Line Station
Hello out there, Monrovians
A favor we do ask,
Like Instagram? We hope you do,
To you we send a task.

Around our City you will see
All types of arts in forms,
From sitting man to bears galore
Our City is adorned!

Maybe it’s a picture
Of you with painted bear,
Look around, you’ll find them
For they are everywhere!

Or maybe it’s a wall
That’s painted on a store,
A “Starry Night” the scene
Van Gogh and so much more!

It can be called a “selfie”
But you’re not the only thing,
Our art we want to see
So show us what you bring!

There's a lot of public art in Monrovia, so to Monrovians and all of our friends, if you've got some pictures you what to share be sure to tag #artinmonrovia to join the party.

We're lot too proud to beg for follow us on Instagram @artinmonrovia--ask the nearest 12 year old and I'm sure they can assist.  

...oh, if you run into Art, tell him we said hello!