Thursday, April 16, 2015

We're in a great place Monrovia

We have a whole new respect for bloggers.  Its hard work keeping a blog updated on a regular basis!  Admittedly, we’ve been a bit lackadaisical in our blogging duties, and we apologize for leaving you on the edges of your seats for eight months. 

But, now we’re back, and we have some great news to share!  This week, Old Town Monrovia was honored by the California Chapter of the American Planning Association (APA California) as a “Great Place in California” award winner!  APA California defines a Great Place in our state as one that exemplifies character, quality, and excellent planning, and, most importantly, is a place where people want to be.  We’re not sure about our thousands of loyal readers out there, but when we heard about this “Great Place” award, we thought, “That sounds just like Monrovia!  We have to tell APA California about Old Town!” 

So, with our mission in mind, we carefully conducted our research, painstakingly compiled our data, endlessly walked Old Town taking photos, and then…we stopped for ice cream. But, after the ice cream, we got cracking on our “Great Place in California” application and, in the end, our perseverance and sugar-high paid off!  Our application was chosen as one of only three winners in this, the very first year that APA California is offering the award. 

 Being able to bring recognition to our community is one of our favorite parts of the job! We are thrilled and honored to be chosen to receive the award, and we humbly accept it on behalf of every single person who has contributed and continues to contribute to Old Town Monrovia.  Cheers!