Thursday, October 15, 2015

In the lastest edition of DRC...

Well, what a week this has been! Not only were we preparing for DRC, but the Planning Commission meeting was also held the same day. Even though it was a short agenda, DRC did welcome new business and said goodbye to one of our beloved oak trees. Take a look below for a recap of the October 14th DRC meeting.

A minor exception was requested for a single family residence at 200 block of West Cypress Avenue for an addition to the front of house. Basically, the property owner wanted to continue the existing setback that does not meet the minimum. We understand that requiring the existing development standards can affect the design or look of a home, so the minor exception process was the way to go. If approved, it would allow for the owner to add over 800 square feet to their home. After much deliberation, DRC unanimously approved the minor exception. Woohoo!

On a different note, we will bid farewell to one of our beloved oak trees in town. We received an oak tree removal permit for a property located on the 200 block of Melrose Avenue. The applicant provide an arborist report with an assessment addressing the condition of an existing oak tree in the front yard. The arborist recommended that it is in advanced and irreparable decline and it should be removed immediately. Let us take a minute to remember that great oak tree and the wonderful canopy it once possessed...

On a lighter note, we have several new business coming to town!

A new monument sign was approved for Westport Construction Inc. on the 100 block of West Maple Avenue. 

Good Fortune Supermarket will be replace Hong Kong Supermarket. We wish Good Fortune Supermarket good luck!

And finally, the new signs for the Taco Bell Remodel at 140 West Huntington Drive. For all you drive-thru Pizza Hut lovers, make sure that you take advantage of pizzas while they're still hot. The new remodel will only be for the Taco Bell and pizza will no longer be available. 

Tune in next time, for the next edition of DRC....this is the Planning Division, signing off.