Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Planning Commission Update – November 2012

Typical for the end of the year, the number of applications slows down with the upcoming holidays.  Still, the two public hearings provided opportunity for thoughtful discussion among the Commissioners in their deliberations.  The Commission reviewed the following items at their November 14, 2012 meeting:

863 West Olive Avenue – Construct a new duplex behind an existing single family dwelling.  New development in the 700 – 900 block of West Olive Avenue can be a challenge.  While the zoning allows for multi-family development, many of the lots are only 48’ wide—that’s tough, but not impossible, as was proven by this applicant.  Over the past few months, City Staff worked with the applicant to develop a design and site plan that addressed both the requirements of the zoning (no variances) and will be an asset for the neighborhood.  The request was approved.

311 West Foothill Boulevard – Approve a conditional use permit for the service of alcoholic beverages and allow live entertainment in a new restaurant in the Aztec Hotel.  No matter what you think about the Aztec Hotel, you have to admit it is one of the most unique buildings in Monrovia and perhaps in Los Angeles County.  Personally, we love the building and are looking forward to its continued rehabilitation. 

A new Mexican restaurant is proposed in the location previously occupied by the Brass Elephant.  The Planning Commission concurred with the Staff recommendation to approve the conditional use permit (CUP) to allow the service of alcoholic beverages. 

The primary discussion focused on the live entertainment permit.  Based on previously voiced concerns of the neighborhood, the Development Review Committee (DRC) forwarded a recommendation of denial for entertainment at this time.  The Commission had a vigorous discussion on the merits and concerns of the requests.  In order to give the new owners the benefit of the doubt, the Commission continued the public hearing until the December meeting and directed Staff to bring back conditions of approval to allow entertainment on a very limited basis. 

Plan Monrovia - Additionally, Staff made a short presentation on the Plan Monrovia strategic planning process which is currently underway. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jack in the Box

Updated on November 14, 2012

Now open!  The new Jack in the Box located at the southeast corner of West Huntington Drive and South Magnolia Avenue is up and running.  Store hours for the 2,588 square foot restaurant are from 6:00 a.m. until midnight in the dining room, and 24 hours for the drive-thru.  This site was the former home of The Pottery Ranch store.    

The building is located on the west side of the property with the parking spaces located on the east side of the building.   Wrapping around the building on the north is the drive-thru, which continues south along the west side of the building.  Customers can access the site via Huntington Drive or Magnolia Avenue.  

Using an exposed neon design, the Jack in the Box sign is a flashback to the style typically found on businesses located along Historic Route 66.  The sign is mounted on a replica of the background used by the Pottery Ranch sign.

Updated on October 18, 2012

In just a few months, you'll be able to sit down with a Sourdough Jack at the southeast corner of West Huntington Drive and South Magnolia Avenue.  Construction at the site is moving along quickly and, according to their banner sign, this Jack in the Box location will be "Opening Soonish".     

Original Post on August 29, 2012

In September 2011, the Planning Commission approved a request from Jack in the Box Corporation for the development of a 2,588 square foot restaurant with a drive-thru and 24-hour operation at the southeast corner of West Huntington Drive and South Magnolia Avenue.   The site is the former home of The Pottery Ranch store.
Former Pottery Ranch Site
 The building will be situated on the west side of the property with the parking spaces located on the east side of the site.   The drive-thru will wrap around the building on the north and will continue south along the west side of the property.  It will be accessed via Huntington Drive from a new driveway that has been designed to be away from the intersection to lessen traffic impacts.   Another driveway will be located off of Magnolia Avenue for both ingress and egress from the site.  The proposed hours of operation will be from 6:00 am until midnight for the dining room and 24 hours for the drive-thru.

Site Plan

The building is a mixture of stucco and brick with metal awnings and a standing seam roof.  The Jack in the Box sign will be a flashback to the exposed neon style found among businesses that were located along the old Route 66.  The background of the sign will be mounted on the replica of the background of the Pottery Ranch sign.

Front Elevation

Pottery Ranch Sign