Friday, August 7, 2015

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

It's that time, once again, for a DRC update on our latest meeting. Yesterday, the Monrovia Development Review Committee reviewed six items.  Here are some highlights:

-A new laundromat was approved to operate at the Monrovia Plaza Shopping Center. Currently, the Zoning Code requires a minor conditional use permit for a laundromat to operate at this location. Even though previously it was Patty's Laundryland, a new minor conditional use permit was required. We now welcome the new business owner into the Monrovia Community! If you ever need a commercial washer or dryer, be sure to spin by 320 W Huntington Drive for wash!

-"Yo quiero Taco Bell!" once said a famous chihuahua and so did DRC! The existing drive-thru Taco Bell/Pizza Hut was approved for a facade remodel to bring this location back to life. However, as a result we will have to say good bye to Pizza Hut as they will not continue to serve pizza once the remodel is completed. For all those Pizza Hut lovers, make sure you stock up on your pizza before its gone.

-Who's ready for some more home improvement projects?!? DRC reviewed a proposal for a design review of an existing commercial building for a new Orchard Supply Hardware store at 725 West Huntington Drive. Some of you might rememeber this location as the old Office Depot site. Orchard Supply Hardware proposed a 3,000 square foot exterior nursery along the east side of building in place of an existing drive aisle. That's a lot of plants to display in the nursery and hopefully they are all low water usage plants! Below you will be able to see the proposed facade remodel.

As part of their approval, DRC also approved conditions that would limit hours of deliveries, outdoor merchandise display, and special event permits for seasonal Christmas tree lots or pumpkin patch events. Please join us in welcoming Orchard Supply Hardware to the City of Monrovia!

-Last but not least, DRC also reviewed a new building wall sign for the San Gabriel Valley News Group located at 605 E Huntington Drive. The sign was approved and we are excited to have the San Gabriel Valley News Group call Monrovia home!