Saturday, September 26, 2015

Here's to the next score or two!

Historic Landmark No. 1
231 North Primrose Avenue
It's hard to believe, but the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) is celebrating it's 20th anniversary. 

On the evening of September 26, 1995 in the City Manager's Conference Room at City Hall, HPC convened it's first meeting.  The agenda included a discussion of meeting procedures, the upcoming work program and the always exciting Brown Act!  

OK, so the Brown Act is not all that exciting, but it is a very important law that every appointed and elected official must be well versed in to ensure transparency in conducting City business. 

That night, the Commission's first order of business was to select a chair and vice-chair for the Commission.  Scott Thomas, and Steve Baker, respectively were unanimously elected.

In 20 years, the Historic Preservation Commission has made very important contributions to the preservation of Monrovia's built environment.  So today we want to thank and acknowledge each of our current and former Historic Preservation Commissioners...all 21 of them.

Steve Baker                           1995-2005                
Donna Baker                          1995-2000, 2002-2015        
Kent Cornwall                         1995-2000
Anne McIntosh                       1995-2004
John Petrovich                        1995-2001
Tim Shea                               1995-2015
Scott Thomas                         1995-2001
Jimi Hendrix                           2001-                          
Coulter Winn                          2001-2008                            
Peter Fisk                               2002-2005                     
Penny Zuk                              2004-                           
Hany Malak                            2005-2007    
Marianne Lee                          2005-                                      
Scott Austin                            2007-2011              
Javier Gonzalez-Camarillo        2008-2014                     
David Palomares                     2011-2013
Sergio Jimenez                       2013-                                
Karen Bullis                            2014-                               
Nancy Burke                           2015-                                      

Mark Houston                         2015-   
Dan Ryan                               2015-