Tuesday, August 30, 2016

It's May Day somewhere

We'd like to start off by offering our apologies...we're running a little behind...like about four months...

Planners and demographers have a tradition of celebrating each May Day with...the Big Announcement! 

California's population estimates! 

Each year, state demographers who work for the state Department of Finance (DOF) make sense from a whole lot of data provided by various government agencies (including the City of Monrovia) as well as studying trends and other data and they arrive at the number of people in California as of the 1st of each calendar year. 


Those figures are then put into the ever popular E-1 report.  This is released on May 1st every year...May Day!

While each year's report brings new and exciting news, this year's report was a real barn burner!  But then we say that every year.

But we digress, as of January 1, 2016, the state Department of Finance estimates Monrovia's population at 37,531.  This is represents a 0.7% increase from last year's estimate.  

In comparison, state's population was up 0.9% to 39,255,883.

Los Angeles County had a 0.8% increase and as of the beginning of 2016 was home to 10,241,355 Angelenos.  

Finally, to those 277 new Monrovians (you know who you are), we say welcome to the Gem City of the Foothills.  We're sure you'll love it here...and you're just in time for Zip Code Day!

You know...since May Day is also celebrated as international labor day and our country's day of honoring workers is just around the corner...maybe we're early.