Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 24th Development Review Committee

Give me a D!  Give me an R!  Give me a C!  What does that spell!?  Monrovia's Development Review Committee!!  Rah! Rah! Rah!

As you may have noticed, we are pretty peppy today.  Maybe it's because of all of the excellent work going on in this City.  Or maybe it's that extra cup of coffee we had.  Either way, we are all set to tell you about the most recent DRC meeting on Wednesday, June 24th.

There were five items on the agenda this time.  First up was a minor exception request for an addition at 249 Madeline Drive.  The property owners are looking into expanding their floor area for a larger kitchen and bedroom.  Now, this property is a good example of a house that is subject to BOTH of our current moratoria.  Because it was built prior to 1940, no changes can be made on the front 50% of the exterior of the house.  Additionally, because it is located in a single family zone (Residential Low Density), a second story cannot be added.  In order to accommodate the addition, two minor exceptions were approved.  One to allow the existing wall on the south side of the house to continue back, even though it is less than the required 5 feet from the property line.  The second allowed the minimum backup from the garage to be reduced from the required 25 feet, provided that the angle allows cars to maneuver in and out of the garage.

Second was another minor exception, this time to reduce the back yard setback to 16 feet from the required 20 feet at 935 Crescent Drive.  The facts (just the facts, ma'am) presented to the DRC included that the house is in the RL zone, so a second story addition cannot be considered; it is on a corner lot; and the neighbor to the rear is at a higher grade.  Additionally, the design was well thought out.  The addition will provide more living space, additional landscaping, and a more easily accessible garage.  DRC approved this request as well.

Next, DRC looked at two new signs.  The first one was at 309 Genoa Street, for Swallow Design, a photography studio that is actually located in a residential zone.  Staff worked with the applicant to make sure that the sign was not too big, bright or distracting to the neighborhood.  DRC looked favorably on those efforts and gave the sign their approval.  The other sign was for 672 Huntington Drive in the Huntington Oaks shopping center.  Who likes BBQ?  I hope there are a few of you out there that do because Jimmy John's is coming to Monrovia.  And now that the DRC approved their sign, you'll be able to find them!

Speaking of food, the final item on the DRC agenda was for a new hot dog cart at Home Depot.  Perfect for hungry summer DIYers who are improving their homes!  DRC approved this item - and even had a few ideas for the menu!  Hotdogs - yum!!