Thursday, March 13, 2014

Happy Anniversary Peck Road Specific Plan

Who knew?

Although, there was no big party, we celebrated quietly with the Planning Commission at their March 12 meeting with a public hearing.  We know what you’re thinking, those wild and crazy Planners!

The request was for a new vehicle storage business proposed at 3331 Peck Road which is within the Peck Road Specific Plan.  The property is way down at the very southern tip of Monrovia.  South of the Duarte Road.  South of where Myrtle Avenue and Peck Road merge.  South of Live Oak Avenue.  This area is primarily known for gravel pits, Dry Dock, and Pick-a-Part.  (Yes, one of those gravel pits is in Monrovia.)

Peck Road Specific Plan Area
The new home of Jorge's Get Around Transport
Jorge’s Get Around Transport provides private transportation services in the area and will use this property to store their vehicles.  The property was previously improved for a similar business, so it’s a great match. 

This whole site has a long and not so glamorous history.  Many years ago, it started its commercial life as a quarry.  Then to fill the hole, it was used as a dump.  Once filled, there was a mobile home park…which started to sink and was then condemned. 

What to do with a property that can’t support buildings? 

In 1989, the Monrovia City Council adopted the Peck Road Specific Plan (PRSP) to identify the types of businesses that would be appropriate under these difficult conditions.  Over these past 25 years, the PRSP has been very successful in balancing the challenges of the site while maintaining the economic vitality of the property.  It’s always satisfying when the plan works.

Oh, yes, the Planning Commission unanimously and enthusiastically approved the conditional use permit and welcomed Jorge’s to Monrovia.

So, here’s an interesting bit of trivia.  This is the only area that we know of where you can pass through five different communities in the span of about a mile.  Seriously!  Along Myrtle Avenue/Peck Road between Wyland Way and Rio Hondo Parkway, you’ll drive through an unincorporated area of Los Angeles County, Monrovia, Irwindale, (Monrovia, passing Jorge’s, and Irwindale again), Arcadia, and El Monte.

There’s an interesting story about how this part of Monrovia became Monrovia.  Remind us to tell you about it sometime.