Thursday, March 20, 2014

A sign of things to come...and signs too

The Development Review Committee (DRC) had a plethora of applications on the docket for review: an addition to an old house, a new house, lots of business activity and something really big.  Keep reading.

Three business wall signs were approved.  RPM Garage at 1136 South Myrtle Avenue and Glenridge Pool Supplies at 1206 South Myrtle Avenue are both new to Monrovia.  Welcome!  Also, Finishline Construction had their signage approved for their new location at 823 South Magnolia Avenue.

We’re always happy to see new businesses come to town and we’re even more excited when they thrive.  Old Town favorite, Peach CafĂ© (141 East Colorado Boulevard) has been open only for breakfast and lunch for the past 8 years.  Now that there's more and more nightlife, the owner thought it was time to start opening for dinner too.  DRC agreed.  So what we really want to know is if we can have hickory maple waffles for breakfast, lunch AND dinner? 

And the big item on the agenda?  A proposal for the first development in Station Square.  Finally.  ("What's Station Square?" Read more here.)  

About 10 years ago, the extension of the GoldLine moved from being a dream to reality and Monrovia began to develop its plans for the future.  BIG plans.  Alas, then came the Great Recession and then the shutdown of all redevelopment agencies in the state, including the Monrovia’s. 

The vision, retooled, is still big, but perhaps more realistic for the current times.  Several months ago, Staff began working with local developer Samuelson Fetter on the first new development in Station Square.  

At the meeting, DRC had their first review of the project in a process we call the “pre-application consultation”.  Fancy term for preliminary review.  This is an opportunity for DRC to review, comment and provide guidance on the proposal before the application is prepared and the formal process begins.  What is being proposed is a five-story, 261-unit apartment building that will be right next to the Monrovia Gold Line station. 

It was a very productive session, with Fire, Police, Public Works and Planning each giving direction and suggestion in their various disciplines.  We anticipate that the project will move into the public hearing phase in June.  We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.

Next time you're in the area on a 2 PM...stop by to see DRC in action.  (That's every other Wednesday.  Check the website for details...and the agenda.