Thursday, July 18, 2013

We're Changing Our Name...

Greetings!  After some careful thought, we've decided to officially change our name from the “Development Spotlight Blog” to the “Over the Counter Blog.” The name “Over the Counter” is a nod to our roots.  The Counter is the place where development activity begins as an idea, sometimes not more than a doodle on paper passed across a wooden counter. 

Despite the moniker, Community Development, our Department’s duties are as varied as Monrovia itself.  Our Staff wears many hats.  Since our Blog posts sometimes include items not related to development, this name change gives us a little more freedom to cover a range of topics related to the Community Development Department.  (Don’t worry we’re not going to start blogging on sports, food, or music anytime soon; although we’re a fan of all three).

You may have picked up that we’re partial to old movies, so with that explanation aside, we’ll tap into our inner Yul Brynner as we say, “So let it be written, so let it be done.”  The era of the “Over the Counter Blog” is under way.  We look forward to many more enjoyable years with you, our readers talking about things “over the counter”.