Thursday, March 28, 2013

Development Review Committee

Don’t let that official, bureaucratic sounding name fool you, the primary purpose of the Monrovia Development Review Committee is to provide a timely and efficient way to review compliance with the City’s regulations and streamline the process.

Commonly referred to as “DRC” (Just what the world needs—another acronym!), the Committee is comprised of the City’s capable department heads: the Director of Community Development, Director of Public Works, Fire Chief and Police Chief with staff support coming from the Planning Division. 

DRC meets every other Wednesday at two in the afternoon.  And while they have an agenda, meet in the Council Chambers and follow established parliamentary procedure (big words that mean they have a standardized order to run the meeting), it is far from a traditional formal meeting. 

Akin to “The Price is Right”, the Committee invites anyone interested to “come on down” to hear the request.  No standing before a microphone here, which we know firsthand can be very intimidating.  What follows is a civilized conversation to discuss various aspects of the application.  This format has been very successful in clearing up misconceptions, finding solutions and addressing concerns which often results in a better project.    

So now you know the role of DRC, here are some of the applications they reviewd at their last meeting on March 27:
  • A new eight-foot property line wall along the rear property line at the Aztec Hotel (this exceeds the permitted six-foot allowable).
  • Minor exception for a new garage to encroach into the required setback on Poppy Avenue.
New business signs for:
  • Haley's Nails - 315 West Huntington Dr.
  • Medical Clinic - 925 West Duarte Rd.
  • Remax Omega - 604 East Huntington Dr.
  • Huntington Education - 2143 South Myrtle Ave.
Agendas are posted on the City’s website the Thursday prior to the meeting.  Here’s a direct link to the DRC page.