Tuesday, September 11, 2012

955 Wildrose Ave.

In October 2011, the Planning Commission approved a parcel map to subdivide the property at 955 Wildrose Avenue for the future development of two new houses.  The property is located on the north side of Wildrose Avenue, east of Mountain Avenue and west of Rose Lane.  The houses are currently in the framing stage.

The home nearest the flood control channel will measure 4,348 with an attached two-car garage and a detached guest house with one-car garage to the rear.  The house to the east of this one will measure 4,496 and will have an attached three car garage.  Both homes will be two-story.  Exterior materials include stucco, stone veneer, decorative shutters and trim surround around windows and doors.  Several mature trees, including oaks have been retained to be part of the planned landscaping.