Wednesday, August 22, 2012

212-216 West Olive Avenue

Earlier this summer, City Council approved the development of a 4-unit, Planned Unit Development (PUD) at 212 and 216 West Olive Avenue.  What is unique about this proposal is that it will incorporate the existing 80 year-old house into the development. 

The three new two-story units incorporate several of the same design features as the existing house which will visually unify the development.  The new houses are between 1,807 to 1,878 square feet.  Several years ago, the City Council adopted the Neighborhood Compatibility Ordinance which added incentives to incorporate older “character” homes into new developments.  The idea behind this was to allow new development to occur as the zoning permits, but by retaining some of the older homes; it would help new development blend into existing neighborhoods.  This is the first time these provisions of the Code have been implemented and we’re hopeful that it will look as good when constructed as it does on paper.  Stay tuned!

Existing 80 year-old house that will be retained

New construction

Site Plan