Thursday, January 21, 2016

DRC 2016 Off to a Roaring Start

On January 20, 2016 the Monrovia Development Review Committee was back and better than ever in newly renovated City Council Chambers and a variety of development projects.

A couple of projects came in looking for a recommendation of approval to the Planning Commission. First was a new microbrewery called Hop Secret (Mmmmmmm... beer!) that is seeking a Conditional Use Permit to move into Hamby Park in the Station Square Transit Village area. Staff recommended approval of this project and we're all very excited to see how things develop down there once the trains start running, businesses start opening, and people start moving in. Over the next six months, we should be getting a good feel for things down there and we'll be able to determine how future projects will fit in with the area. The DRC agreed with staff's assessment and recommended approval to the Planning Commission, who will hear the item within the next few months.

We also had a CUP application for a new restaurant in Old Town, on Lemon Avenue in one of our beautifully restored historic buildings. "Hummos & Pita" (Mmmmmm.... Mediterranean food!) is hoping to open in the next few months with delicious meals and wine and beer. Staff thinks this is a great location for such a restaurant and was supportive of the project. Luckily, the DRC agreed (aren't those guys cool?) and forwarded the application to the Planning Commission with a recommendation of approval.

Another new business the DRC approved is "Dream Big Children's Center" a indoor play area and exploration zone for children ages 1 - 10. This business is going to bring something new and different to our Planned Development - 5 zone, adjacent to Old Town. Building blocks, bouncy balls, books and birthday parties. It makes us wish we were kids again!

The DRC also saw two facade remodels on single family homes. One thing that is fantastic about working in Monrovia is that there are many people who take pride in their homes and want to improve the community. The DRC approved both projects for this very reason. But, credit is also due to our business owners, who also make improvements and help to keep Monrovia a thriving community. That's why the DRC approved two new signs for existing businesses.

We believe that 2016 is going to bring great things for Monrovia - new parks, new trains, new businesses - and that's just in the first quarter! Stayed tuned, loyal readers, because there is sure to be plenty of excitement ahead!