Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cell Tower Inquiries by Ridgeside Residents

This week, City Staff has received several phone calls, emails and even some discussions over the counter regarding a flier concerning a proposed cellular tower near the Ridgeside reservoir. 

While it is true that the City was approached recently by wireless company consultants, the discussion of additional facilities is very preliminary.  A considerable amount of work will need to be done before the question even gets to the point of whether it should be considered. 

At this point, no commitments have been made.  No applications have been received.  

In 2011, the City completely overhauled the Monrovia Municipal Code to address changes in federal law and court cases where cities were on the losing end.  These actions continued to reduce the ability of local governments’ ability to regulate the location of new wireless facilities.  The City’s wireless regulations are very comprehensive and require a considerable amount of information and study as part of an application. 

Based on the City’s regulations the site at the reservoir as well as another site at Sawpit Dam are both classified as “discouraged locations” in the Zoning Ordinance.  The installation of any new wireless facilities require a noticed public hearing process

As we all rely more and more on wireless service, it is putting a greater strain on the existing infrastructure.   Currently, there are no cellular facilities in this area of Monrovia and this proposal is being considered to improve cellular communications for public safety as well as residential purposes.  Again, it is little more than an idea being floated.  If it does move forward, there will be a considerable amount of outreach, dialog and public input as part of the review process. 

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