Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rising from the ashes...

OK, that was a bit dramatic.  But if you're still reading this then it worked.  

Most Monrovians only know the property at 302 East Foothill Boulevard as a vacant (and often overgrown) lot.  You know the one...on the south east corner of Foothill and Canyon at the end of a beautiful row of Craftsman homes.  Well, it's been that way well over 30 years since a fire took down the house.  Rumor has it, it was a caused by a Christmas Tree.  

Do you know where this house is?

We've never seen any pictures, but we heard it was a real nifty Craftsman.  

In fact, according to City Historian (and City Treasurer) Steve Baker, it looked an awful lot like this house, but in reverse.

Over the years, the Planning Staff received lots of questions about what was going on with the lot.  Our answer, "We don't know." 

Well now we do.

In fact we feel a little bad because we've known for a little while now, but with the holidays and plan checks and staff reports...well, you get the picture.  

So here's the scoop, and its no rumor. 

Once the property was put on the market, boy did we get inquiries!  In the end, the property was purchased by a local developer, Bowden Development.  And although the zoning would allow multiple units on the property, what was proposed--and approved was a two-story single family house with an attached second unit (AKA "granny flat").

The house takes it's cues from the rest of the block and the Wild Rose Historic District around the corner.  Kudos to the architect, we think he did a nice job and got the details right.  The site is laid out well to save all the oak trees.    

We expect them to break ground soon.  We'll keep you posted...especially if you subscribe.