Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ornamental Pear Takes Center Stage

The Pyrus calleryanas are in bloom again…

Such a strange tree—suitable to any occasion…

Flowering or Ornamental Pear Tree

Sorry, bad take on a good quote from an old movie.  Hopefully movie geeks will enjoy the humor.

Okay, so a tree is technically not “development”, but tooling around town the past couple of weeks we couldn’t help but notice these trees covered with beautiful white blossoms looking like big snowballs.  Not sure if it was the weather this year or what, but these trees are having a great bloom and we felt that it was worth a blog post. 

Commonly known as a Flowering or Ornamental Pear, this tree is used extensively in landscapes throughout Monrovia.  Look for it in parking lots and parkways.  Most of the year, it’s a workhorse tree that looks good but doesn’t really stand out.  But then comes winter and the Pyrus takes center stage.