Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Time Warner Constructs Unmanned Facility in Monrovia

Time Warner's Unmanned Facility

Time Warner recently completed construction of an unmanned facility at 446 E. Duarte Road.  Want to know more?  Let's have a little lyrical fun while we get you up to speed:   
 When you get a chance
While driving down this street,
The site at 446 E Duarte
Will give your eyes a treat!

A new brick building they did build
With block walls and plants and trees,
Time Warner has equipment here
In their unmanned facility.

Steel awnings and black iron work
On this façade you’ll find,
A nice improvement to this site
Of which all is well combined.

So video, data and phone uses
In this building there will be,
Now you know what’s at this site
So, drive on by and see!

Time Warner's Unmanned Facility

Okay, our serious hat is back on. Here's a tad less poetic description of what's been going on at 446 E. Duarte Road:

Time Warner has just completed construction of a 4,729 square foot unmanned automated facility at 446 East Duarte Road.  The facility houses electronic equipment necessary to provide video, data, and wire line phone services on a 24/7 basis.  An emergency backup diesel powered generator is also on-site due to the 24/7 operation of the facility that includes 911 service. 

Development of this split face concrete block structure with steel awnings and decorative iron work has greatly improved this property, which formerly housed various buildings with deferred maintenance issues.  Construction includes a new 8’ high decorative block wall on the side and rear property lines along with an 8’ high wrought iron fence on the front property line.  Landscaping areas are dispersed around the site, including a 5’ wide landscaped strip along the street facing side of the front fence.